Just a sapling

After several attempts at deciphering html and css codes (and failing), reading numerous tutorials and watching youtube videos and still failing, I declare myself the most technologically unsavvy person of my generation! 

Just a little bit about myself….

I have always been fascinated with weddings, the amount of time and detail that goes into the planning and to see the fruit of all the arduous preparations, it’s truly beautiful.  Since young, I had imagined, quite often, what my ideal wedding would be like. I thought of the dress, the floral arrangements, the decor, the food and the expressions I would see. Yes, I was that detailed! Please don’t judge me! Ha! So I thought to myself how all that planning, all that detail, all the emotions experienced in one amazing day, could not be forgotten, it had to be captured as I would want for my own. 

    My love for photography only came about towards the end of my adolescence. I was very much obsessed with traveling and capturing culture, activity, colours and the vibrancy of life. It was in weddings, that I could find all of those elements in one event. I decided to start The Partridge and The Pear Tree Photography, with a vision. I want my photographs to reflect the joy that emanates from each individual, to depict the image of true love and to capture the emotions that we were not made to conceal. I thank God for the ability to love. 

1 John 4: 16-19



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