Kai-Lyn & Kae Sian

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The sun could not have shone more brilliantly than it did that day. Kai Lyn and Kae Sian were an absolute joy to shoot, and though Kae Sian was obviously very tall and hence a challenge for me, it worked out just fine (note to self to bring a stool next time)! I could not have envisioned a better shoot, with a bride-to-be who baked an awesome blueberry tart (Kae Sian’s favourite) in her gown, an expectant fiance looking on, a cheongsam that was a fantastic sea of fuschia coupled with delicate jade pieces and just sweetness all around! Special thanks to Kai Lyn’s future bridesmaid who did an awesome job keeping the bride and groom in check and providing even more ideas for the shoot! I had a ball, much love to y’all! x

Track – Bumblebee by Joseph Vincent

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