Calvin & Alarice {engaged}

One Girl for Me- Hiram Ring

000052210014-2Alarice & Calvin horsetivr62630014-300005221000762630021flowerslaughterlooking62630025-2balloon000052210018000052210006000052210019000052210008000052210005000052210021000052210015-2000052210004-2000052200011rice2000052190002calvin 000052210026calaricecar 000052210032000052180016-2000052180011-2000052180010000052180015-2It was a tremendous honour to be able to photograph one of the most beautiful couples I know and my dear friends. No cloud in the sky could get in their way (and it was very cloudy) and they just overflowed with love and joy. I love you guys! 🙂 xx All photos shot on FILM! Merry Christmas everyone!  
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