Calvin & Alarice

An original song the bride, Alarice, wrote to her husband..

000074150015 hoteldecor gownnbed 000074390002000074220010000074180005 000074390003 000074390005000074250015 000074150007 camwenkatbeck000074170014 000074390023 000074390018 000074220006 000074390012000074170008 flowerg arrival 000074360022000074400003 000074380013 000074300002 000074360017 000074360018 000074380026 000074380025 000074300012 000074300008000074300010 praise _MG_2594 000074380002 ceremony 000074290008 000074380032000074400013 000074400021 decor _MG_2637 000074140004 _MG_2733000074370006 bm2 bridesmaids 000074140010 000074140011 000074140015 gm3 gm2 gm000074210007 000074210012 000074210006 000074410023 000074370030 bestie 000074410005 000074270003 000074270014 000074270007 000074270006bg 000074270015000074410021000074410018groomsmen 000074200011 000074280011 000074400031 kris guests 000074200003 000074280005000074350007 hiram 000074350001 000074320006 parentsspeech 000074330002 000074330007 000074330009 dance 000074330016 000074340015 000074340003 000074340004 000074340007 000074340013 000074340012 000074340005 000074320002 000074330001000074310001000074310016 000074310006000074310007I have been staring at my computer screen for the past 10 minutes, partly because writing is not my forte and I am rather apprehensive when it comes to blogging so I procrastinate. But more so,  I have been struggling to find the appropriate words to describe this wedding. Truth is, the beauty of it simply cannot be put into plain words and sentences. Bearing witness to the union of this beautiful couple and seeing His perfect love so strong in this marriage, I will admit that as a photographer, it was a battle holding back my tears…

What an honour it was, to be able to capture the day my dear friends unite in marriage. An entire day of pretty, with a sweetheart neck-lined gown by Olive Suite Bridal, beautiful pink blooms from Girl O Girl, beaded Stuart Weitzman shoes and an outdoor venue, RedDot, litted by strings of fairy lights alternating with rustic paper buntings.

Calvin and Alarice, love you guys so much! Congratulations xx

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