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It has been an incredibly hectic year and apologies for not keeping the posts coming! There have been countless changes in my life, mostly good ones, that I have unfortunately shown this website much neglect. However, I hope to be posting more regularly on recent wedding and engagement sessions as well as personal trips that I have taken over the past year.

This post serves to be an “appetizer” and it features just a few snaps that I took at a workshop with the amazing Jonathan Canlas, well acclaimed film guru and co-author of the FILM IS NOT DEAD book. His workshop in Sydney this year was really an enlightening and educational one and it was so lovely to see how much passion this man had for photography and for life itself. These shots were all taken during 8min speed sessions, using 2 rolls of film.  Extremely exhilarating and satisfying! Enjoy and have a lovely October weekend!


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