Terry & Clarissa

1576_16 1583_05 1583_08 ps 1576_10 1582_0110 1583_02 1588_04 portraits 1580_11 collage 1585_15 1579_13 1580_07 tc 1579_05 1588_11 1588_16When I met up with Terry & Clarissa to discuss how we wanted the shoot to be like, we had envisioned open grass fields with showers of sun rays that gave the romantic backlit glow. What we tend to forget is that no matter the time of year in Singapore, there’s always a 50% chance of rain, and boy did it pour on the day. But the grey gloomy skies set a beautiful backdrop for the couple, like a blanket of silver satin drifting above…much to our delight! xx

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